CHOW #213: Engagement challenges during remote working context

As an Agile Coach, I have observed that many people are struggling with the new engagement  context due to remote working arrangements – multitasking at home with kids & other family members and house hold activities, managing attention/focus, not coming on video because of the background context at home, network connectivity issues and so on.

As an individual working remotely, what has been some of your experiences and coping strategies? If you are a Coach or Scrum Master or a Leader, what has been your experiences in helping people to engage better in a remote working context?


Remote working context has turned the spotlight on self-discipline, self-managed individuals and self-managed teams with reduced supervision from outside.  Emotional Intelligence traits like managing self with higher awareness have become even more important beyond the technical/domain skills. We have been helping people to enhance their EQ through Mindfulness practices (

While changing habits takes time and sustained effort, here are some practical tips to get started:

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