CHOW #237 – Running out of collaboration?

Inzamam-ul-Huq (Inzy) was a great player for Pakistan in the nineties.

Beyond his batting classics, he was known for the most bizarre run-outs in the history of cricket.

There were players who have had more run-outs than Inzy, and have got more partners run-out than he has. But when you observe the nature of his run-outs, you would be shocked at those run-outs compared to other players.

So when you look at this, what would you decipher about Inzy and collaboration?


The easiest perspective one could draw about Inzy was that he was not willing to play effectively with others. He was willing to throw his weight around.

Let’s take a step back and look at collaboration from his perspective:

  • He was as committed as others to get his team victorious
  • He was determined to use his strength to enable his team to win
  • He was confident of his contribution to the team.

So what really was potentially missing in this case for collaboration (both Inzy and his partners):

  • The inability to appreciate that the other team members too had the same perspective
  • Knowing his limitation in running and the team’s ability to accept that
  • His ability to trust the other team members, and their ways to win
  • The ability to accept that there are different ways to reach the same intent
  • The willingness to listen/ support your partner
What do you think?

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