CHOW #248 – Sensitivity during these(covid) times

Harshita is a scrum master for a team. With the Covid situation across India, the team has been dull and in a very somber state. As a scrum master, she could understand and relate to the situation that the team has been going through. At an organization level, there has been a lot of Employee assistance programs. But she is confused about whether it is ok to have the team be like this or does she need to do something?  

Solution: Here are few things that I would recommend she start with

Status / Smiley images in the communication and collaboration tool.  We have asked team members to add this and this helps others in the team to understand the emotional state of each and every one.  It was quite beneficial and set the stage for everyone in the meetings and interaction.  

Standup meetings or team meetings – First 5 min or 10 min is used for check-in and free-flow conversation. This helped team members to know what’s happening, vent out some of their feelings and help each other as need. If it’s a large team, use some of the survey tools to do check-in.

Informal group chat/gathering or 1:1 with each other.

I am sure most coaches, leaders are thinking about this and doing something to help their teams in these trying times. Let me know what are those things that you are doing.

What do you think?

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