CHOW #29– A Question of ROI

Dinesh was confused.

As a project manager, he was not sure how to respond to the question from the finance team on a proposal to buy a new tool for this project.

The suggestion for the tool had come from his team. A tool that would reduce the efforts being spent today to manage multiple versions of files and help automate builds.

That would effectively save between 20 minutes to 45 minutes per team member on a daily basis, when they would otherwise have been just waiting for builds to be scheduled.

The question from the finance team was: What is the ROI? Please provide that number.

The project was scheduled to be completed in 3 months and the team size was 8, including 2 testers, 3 developers, 1 tech lead and a scrum master.

Can you help Dinesh put together a response to the finance team to get his proposal approved?

Suggested solution:

This is a tough question!
More because some of the benefits due to automation are not immediately quantifiable, though it may be done, with a structured approach.

In this case, Dinesh should take the help of his manager and explain to the finance team how the benefits can justify the investments – that are more than just the tool cost.

What do you think?

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