CHOW #34– Elevator Pitch

Say, a car dealer wants to enhance their customer’s service experience. Car dealer would like their customers to book service appointments through their mobile using an app. Car dealer believes that this would be better than the existing manual mode or phone calls. Can we come up with an elevator pitch to help this car dealer using the below format?

For <target customer / group>

Who  <needs a solution or has a problem>

The <our product / service>

Is a <key feature or primary set of processes>

That <what our product would do>

Unlike <existing products / services>

<our Product / service>  <how does it solves the need / problem>”

Suggested solution:

For car owners

Who  have to book a service appointment for their cars

The ‘Service Pro’

Is a mobile app

That makes booking easier by showing available slots

Unlike  the existing manual / call center based bookings

our mobile app ‘Service Pro’  would show the available slots, share the estimate provided by the service supervisor and help easy payments after the service

What do you think?

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