CHOW #74- Persona: Roles, Pains and Gains

Say, we are building a product for K12 segment.  We may map School Principal of a particular segment in the following manner:

(Disclaimer: This is just an example. Resemblance to any individual or organization, if any, is not intended, may only be a coincidence)

School Principal:

Roles / Goals

  • Teacher
    • Hiring teacher
    • Assess teacher capability
    • Form and Execute training plan
    • Mentoring
    • Text book selection (map syllabus to book)
    • Teacher scheduling & allocation
    • Feedback / review cycle (teacher effectiveness)
  • Setup & Monitor scoring rubric for assessment
  • School admin reports and regulatory compliance
  • School performance
  • Engage with Peers (schools / principals)
  • Participate in meetings and conferences


  • Admin / Hiring / Training
  • Transactional exception management
    • Leave of absence
    • Admissions
    • Student Injuries
    • Transport
    • Teaching Logistics
      • (stationaries, books, papers)
  • Event Management
    • [budget planning, to event co-ordination]
  • Syllabus coverage
  • Board & competitive exam preparation
  • Ad-hoc regulatory compliance
  • Performance management


  • Be known as ‘educationist’ (Peer and industry recognition)
  • Social recognition of school
  • Student performance

Now,  shall we arrive at Goals, Pains and Gains for the secondary school teacher, say a science teacher handling classes between 6th standard and 8th standard in India? To be more specific, we may assume, the teacher is from CBSE board school, in a metro, in her early 30s. This persona demography would help us define the other parameters effectively.

Suggested Solution:

Roles / Goals

  • Prepare and conduct assessments
  • Home work
  • Assignment
  • Records keeping
  • Attendance
  • Weekly meetings
  • School status reports
  • Parents meetings
  • Upskill (studying core, technology, etc)
  • Extra curricular activities (cultural, sports)
  • Look for interesting / meaningful content
  • Identify experiments / examples
  • Manage learners (individually)
  • Manage class (as a class)
  • Engage with peers


  • Better preparation helps in better engagement with learners
  • More assets help me manage the class better by providing alternate examples
  • Having more time to run more extra curricular events / activities
  • Taking administrative tasks out of the plate, would give more time and mind share for core activity


  • Keep the students engaged in class
  • Paying attention to individual learners
  • Administrative tasks
  • Time spent on Home work preparation and correction
  • Time spent on administering extra curricular activities
  • To connect real world contemporary examples with taught content
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