CHOW #93- Building Hypotheses

The following are the Roles/Goals, Pains, and Gains for a secondary school Principal in India.

Roles / Goals

  • Teacher
    • Hiring teacher
    • Assess teacher capability
    • Form and Execute training plan
    • Mentoring 
    • Textbook selection (map syllabus to book)
    • Teacher scheduling & allocation
    • Feedback/review cycle (teacher effectiveness)
  • Setup & Monitor scoring rubric for assessment
  • School admin reports and regulatory compliance
  • School performance 


  • Admin / Hiring / Training
  • Transactional exception management
    • Leave of absence
    • Admissions
    • Student Injuries
    • Transport
    • Teaching Logistics
      • (stationaries, books, papers)
  • Event Management 
    • [budget planning, to event coordination]
  • Syllabus coverage
  • Board & competitive exam preparation


  • Social recognition of the school
  • Student performance

Your challenge is to come up with 3 or 4 hypotheses that would validate our product’s feature set.

Suggested Solution:

  1. We believe that Principal would welcome Technology as it would ease their pain of managing admin and operational tasks
  2. We believe that Principal would use a technology platform to mentor and manage performance of Teachers 
  3. We believe that Principal would look for a tool that could improve Learner’s performance
  4. We believe that Principal would prefer a tool that helps in effective rubrics for assessment
  5. We believe that Principal would look for Social Recognition of their school
What do you think?

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