November 25, 2023

Creating your great day every day with Bharath Kumar

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pm power consultation
Creating your great day every day with Bharath Kumar
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Show Notes

In this episode, Gayatri Kalyanaraman is in conversation with Bharath Kumar who is a Marketeer from a Technologist, Head Of Marketing & Cx – Zoho Creator and he’s a Marketing and Content Specialist.

In his career spanning over two decades, he shares very interesting stories –

  • Started his career in Infosys as a software engineer
  • Found that his interests was in organizing events, quizzes and packaging and presenting the ideas were his strengths
  • During his career as a mainframe engineer, Bharath found that he was the most approachable and decided to approach a career in marketing
  • He talks about creating every day a great day and understanding what according to him made him feel great
  • Shares his stories on what led him to choose marketing in MBA
  • Bharath shares his dichotomy of experience in Madura Micro Finance Ltd
  • Endearing stories on being a communication – content management and head of circle communication for airtel
  • Bharath shares some of the data orientation and how to wear the data hat and keep visibility of the brand 
  • Identifying the patterns of data using clarity and ethical values. 
  • Bharath also shares how he always has the analytical mind and the eye for color/ patterns at the same time. In fact Bharath recommends that all of us need to keep this model

Bharath considers himself as an entrepreneurial marketeer. Bharath has 14+ years of professional work experience that helped him develop expertise in the areas of Lead Generation, Marketing communications, Brand management, Marketing strategy & Content marketing. 

Bharath is the marketing head for Zoho Creators for the last 5 years. Prior to that, Bharath was in the product marketing team for Ramco system and TinyOwl. He was the head of communication of Tamil Nadu Circle for Airtel where he was responsible for the content delivery and creating the brand promise for Airtel. Bharath was a software engineering in Infosys for 3 years. 

Bharath graduated from College of Engineering Guindy in Mining Engineering and Great Lakes Institute of management. 

Bharath can be contacted at 

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