January 14, 2023

Being a Fremen

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Being a Fremen
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Show Notes

In this episode, I continue the conversation with Steven Aberle, founder of a company in stealth mode, working on domain aware, large language model based processing for very niche applications.

In the previous episode, Steven spoke about his origin story and also how he got into and some of the technical challenges related to a domain aware large language model solution – and his patent in that area.

He continues to share about

  • How the same engine can still retain some originality and uniqueness
  • How updates to the base model can happen, to mature the model over time
  • How ingesting content from various sources is becoming easier with APIs
  • Then the reverse podcast starts! The questions are Steven’s and responses are mine
  • Steven asked about where young companies could go wrong
  • Founders’ passion
  • Chemistry with the investors
  • Scaling too fast
  • His own trigger to jump into this venture.. That it was born out of hating some of the persistent pain points in the area of work
  • His philosophy of ‘what you do is what you are’
  • Fremen culture – from Dune
  • The importance of being frugal during the startup phase and being funded by customers
  • His experience of playing a CEO role; the moment when he made the decision and support from his family
  • You must take care of the people in the community you are trying create and be fanatic about solving their problems
  • His personal practices to stay calm
  • Not measuring success only by monetary standards

Steven Aberle is the Co-Founder of The Rohirrim, a start-up bringing Domain-Aware Generative AI to the Enterprise. He has 18 years of leadership and executive-level technology capacities and is a recognized expert in unstructured data processing at scale. Steve holds the patent for Domain-Aware Generative AI, Generative Stitching and Vector-Attributable Large Language Models.

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