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Many unsuccessful Agile transformations are a result of merely trying to implement the framework rather than understanding the needs and problems of the Organizations. It is important to be more pragmatic and put the customer and business at the center. There is a need to focus on outcome based Lean and Agility, which is about making the change visible. These visible changes instill the belief in the teams and individuals so that the larger organization participates in the Change and it is no more driven by Consultants alone.

Bachelor of Engineer from PESIT, Bangalore. ICF-ACC, Certified Coach from International Coach Federation
Working Since 1999
Teams & 5 "Teams of Teams" coached
Years of experience in Change Leadership

Let's Dig More About Me !!

I have 20+ years of experience in the IT Industry and 10 Years in Agile and Lean. I have performed several leadership roles in setting Agile and Lean *Systems* for the organizations. I work with all levels of hierarchy in order to make the change stick.

I have worked with more than 40 teams and helped them move from traditional ways of working to Agile. I see myself as a Change Facilitator who puts the needs of the people at the center before anything else.

My engagement approach help the organizations to realize full potential of what Agile has to offer:

1. Outcome based – involves an approach where all the key stakeholders are involved in deciding on the outcomes of transformation and how best to use Agile frameworks to solve inherent organizational problems

2. Data driven – at any point of time, the progress of transformation is transparent to all key stakeholders

3. Contextual – No one-size fits all. The frameworks are not merely implemented by the books but ensured that it is tailored to the context to derive the maximum value for the clients

4. Sustainable – Ensures that the changes made are not just temporary but lasts over a longer period of time even after the coach is disengaged

5. Systemic –to ensure that change is not just in mechanics, but cuts across the complete system of events, practices, mindset and behaviors. Team + Management + Leadership

6. Experiential – the learning method does not just involve the theoretical concepts but focusses on immersive experience for the audience which facilitates the practitioner in using these skills on the trenches