A Goal Focused Team – Part 1

It is worth watching the replay of the 2006 Football World Cup – Argentina vs Serbia & Montenegro, even if you have seen it before. The second goal by Argentina in their 6-0 drubbing of Serbia & Montenegro was really something. They quietly went through more than twenty passes and then Riquelme fed Saviola who sent a pass inside for Cambiasso. Cambiasso passed the ball into Crespo who kicked a return pass with the back of his heel to Cambiasso who rammed the ball home from 12 yards.

(click here to see the replay)

Argentina’s focus on scoring the goal was complete. Nobody tried a long shot. Nobody tried to run with the ball. It was total and complete focus on one thing – the goal.

Need for goal focused team in projects

And this is exactly what is needed for projects also. A completely goal focused team.

Yes, indeed. A goal focused team is key to the success of a project. It is a key vital sign that gives a broad pointer to the overall health of the project.

It is the objective of this article (in a series of blog posts) to analyse the inherent need for a goal focused team for a project to succeed.

Clarity and alignment of individual goals

If you watch the 2006 game, first of all, you will note that there is a clear alignment of individual objectives and team objectives. No unnecessary shooting. Pass the ball to the person who has the best chance to score a goal. A player’s objective is to perform as a team machine.

Similarly, there needs to be alignment between project goals and each team member’s goals; and the relationship between an individual’s performance and the team’s goals need to be clear. In the Argentinian team, you realize that each player knows that his performance has a bearing on the overall team’s performance.

Read the remainder of this article in the next posts (part 2 and part 3).


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