September 22, 2023

Joys and pains of entrepreneurship with Prasenjit Sarkar

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pm power consultation
Joys and pains of entrepreneurship with Prasenjit Sarkar
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Show Notes

In this episode, Sivaguru is in conversation with Presenjit Sarkar, who is a Technologist, Innovator, Disruptor – and  distinguished engineer with Rubrik inc.

In his career spanning over 25 years, he has been a researcher, inventor, startup founder among other key roles he has played.

Today, he talks about:

  • His background, growing up years in India
  • Doing his PhD and moving to corporate research, as he is more of a hands on person
  • After about 15 years with IBM, as a successful research scientist, left to start a company
  • Getting enterprise customers and then getting acquired by another company
  • Having experience in large, small companies, startups, connected to academia
  • Working in storage, big data management, backup and recovery space
  • Moving from data protection to data security
  • The experience of shifting from academics to corporate
  • How research focuses on thought leadership, while the priority in corporate is about market leadership
  • The pleasures and pains of founding a startup
  • The feelings when one’s startup is acquired by someone else
  • Aspects of chemistry and work styles that play out in acquisitions
  • The need to be pragmatic, accept decisions, adjust and move ahead
  • Tips to manage one’s personal stresses and some techniques that have worked for him, particularly during transitions
  • His tips for motivating people, and sharing your founder’s vision and excitement with the team that joins you
  • Managing people, their aspirations and expectation, ambitions – is more difficult to manage

The answer to that question and a lot more in the second part of the conversation.

Stay tuned in for the next episode.

Prasenjit Sarkar is a Distinguished Engineer at Rubrik responsible for the architecture and development of relational, NoSQL, and Big Data backup and recovery products. He has previously led initiatives to formulate product strategy, deliver industry-leading backup and recovery features, and superior performance at scales of thousands of databases.

On X – @psarkar24

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