September 16, 2023

Building Confidence and Career with Kamala Srinivasa

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Building Confidence and Career with Kamala Srinivasa
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Show Notes

In this episode, Gayatri Kalyanaraman has the conversation with Kamala Srinivasan who is a Technologist, Founder & CEO, Upahara, and women in tech influencer.

In her career spanning over 25 years, she has been a STEM engineer, fintech developer, women in tech influencer and startup founder among other key roles she has played.

  • Kamala grew up in a home with professors and engineers she recalls how having a clean room with AC blasting made her fascinated with the technology industry
  • Kamala shares her experiences of introducing reverse mentoring in India to enable senior people understand the pulse of the young people 
  • Started her career in the early 90s in the technology industry and worked in the financial sector 
  • Shares her decision making nugget to create a calculated move with the family onboard as well as a clear time
  • Kamala shares that one needs to take care of self be it in your physical and mental state
  • Kamala talks about her experience in fintech companies in India and US and how she found very less women in her age group. This made her take a call in the non-profit organization
  • Kamala talks about creating ethically viable future and gives examples for that
  • Kamala shares how her company is an app in your mobile phone to provide the application to connect people in need with people who would like to give. Her firm provides that service and she wants to share more about the firm in the future 
  • She shares some of the her book recommendation and philosophies that has helped her ground
  • Kamala shares tips on networking that listeners can help stay connected and learning from others

A technologist and an exec coach with more than 20 years of experience in both nonprofit organizations and technology industries. Kamala’s broad areas of expertise include global technology product delivery and operations, go-to-market strategy, digital transformation, and SAAS in Fintech, retail, legal, and media.

Kamala’s expertise in non-profit and philanthropic fields, and in information technology has led her to seek a solution using emerging technology to create a robust platform that serves the needs of both donors and charitable organizations: a personalized, curated, discovery-based interface, connecting organizations and donors without extensive effort on both sides, like Fintech investment management products. 

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