Letting go: For new Project Managers

cat-and-kitten21    It is always hard to let go.

We get so attached to something that has become familiar or something that we feel is our own creation.

In taking up a role of a Project Manager, there are many things that we need to let go – which were possibly our strengths as individual contributors or first level [technical] leaders.

Having been good at whatever we did, we rose to accept new and greater responsibilities. With the objective of delivering or creating something much larger than what we could do as individuals. But deep inside, we continue to enjoy doings things that we were good at..

But, that does not do justice to the new expectations from us.

As parents, we tend to be very protective of our children. Yes, we have a responsibility towards them, but not at the cost of stifling them.

Let us treat our team members as colleagues and give them room to grow.

In this series of posts, I intend sharing some of my own experiences with letting go. Sometimes, when I could, and many times, when I could not. Sometimes when the approaches worked and sometimes, when it did not.

In the picture you see the way a cat carries her kitten. It might appear hard to bite the neck of a young one, but that is surely not hurting.

In this case, who owns the responsibility? The mother or the child?

Can you think of a contrasting style, where the responsibility is with the child?

Hint: think of our origins.. and share your thoughts

Cat picture copyright : https://ankurlearningsolutions.wordpress.com/tag/marjala-kishora-nyayam/

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