June 25, 2023

Multiplexing across Domains with Vadeesh Budramane

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Multiplexing across Domains with Vadeesh Budramane
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Show Notes

In the first part of the podcast episode, Shiv Sivaguru is in conversation with Vadeesh Budramane, Founder and CEO of AlgoShack, shares his career journey

  • Vadeesh talks about starting in the embedded programming with Time Division Multiplexing and has built and learnt numerous protocols and standards
  • He has also multiplexed his time across different domains such as Automotive, Medical instruments, Healthcare and Telecommunication 
  • Vadeesh shares his experience why he started the firm AlgoShack focused on the QE 
  • Combat the challenge of building quality software by automating automation testing
  • He shares his experiences on how critical devOps processes in the medical field and thinking about holistic environment 
  • He shares how he has built a keen sense of understanding the domain of telecom with different protocols
  • While he took up assignments in Healthcare, the type of stakeholders and touchpoints has moved him back to a learner of the domain
  • Vadeesh shares his passion of teaching and learning and thanks his Wipro days to inculcate that and further strengthened while working for HCG
  • Vadeesh decided to start a firm in test automation for embedded systems and we will hear more about the start up journey in the next episode. 

Vadeesh is currently CEO at AlgoShack and he has held several roles such as Senior Vice President at Sutherland Global Services,  Director & Head of Healthcare Vertical at Computer Sciences Corporation and Managing Director at FCG.

Vadeesh has 32 years of experience focused on product engineering, innovation & IP creation. In his 15+ years of experience in senior leadership positions, Vadeesh has been responsible for strategic planning, end-to-end operations, and P&L. He has built globally competitive leadership teams, orchestrated strategic customer engagements, and created significant value for stakeholders.

Vadeesh is a leader with experience in managing offshore delivery center and vertical delivery with a team size of 3000+ people & $250m P&L. He has experience across healthcare, ISVs, telecom, and real-time embedded systems industry verticals and North America, UK and Europe markets that include global delivery, customer engagement, business development and P&L responsibilities.

A leader with hands-on experience in seeding and developing globally competitive leadership teams, developing competencies, transforming delivery organizations and driving business models for outcomes.

Vadeesh can be contacted at https://www.linkedin.com/in/vadeeshbudramane/ 

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