March 5, 2022

Promoting conversations with Krupa NS

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Promoting conversations with Krupa NS
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Show Notes

In this conversation, Krupa, a senior HR professional, shared her story, experiences and thoughts related to:

  • Her first job, by chance, to get into IT training
  • Moving to software firms later
  • Having a natural inclination to be in HR
  • Her family [of HR people]
  • How the relationship between HR and technical persons has evolved over the years
  • Increasing use of analytics by HR
  • Data alone cannot be the basis for interacting with an individual
  • How the first level or reporting manager is the starting point for HR
  • How organizations are sensitive to an individual’s natural  preference for a career path to grow
  • Addressing challenges in working with peers till yesterday, team members today
  • Her experience with managing mergers and acquisitions, from a cultural integration perspective of teams and individuals
  • Making rules apply seamlessly with the global and local contexts being taken into consideration
  • Need for empathy, listening abilities to make the new employees feel included and treated fairly
  • How she de-stresses and some of her hobbies
  • Options for technical persons taking up a HR role or HR persons taking up business responsibilities
  • The indeed to invest in oneself into the chosen line and constantly upskill

An HR professional with over 20 years of experience. Still excited to learn the ever changing human dynamics at work place.  Working with HCL over 15 years and currently  as Associate Vice President HR heading Industry Software and IoT WoRKS.

A person filled with few hobbies that believe is a must to keep one Alive and enthusiastic. An avid biker,  a poet, an amateur Singer and blog little joys of life.

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