March 11, 2022

Starting young with Anjali Jayaraman

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Starting young with Anjali Jayaraman
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Show Notes

In this episode, Shiv is in conversation with Anjali, a 11 year old girl, who has been into coding since she was 7. Anjali shares:

  • Her interest in horses and dogs, and other interests
  • How she got into coding
  • Calling herself an introvert, but enjoying competition
  • Using logic to interact with animals
  • What she likes and doesn’t like about coding
  • Creating a tic-tac-toe to play with an AI opponent
  • About writing programs alone or with others sometimes
  • How she comes up with ideas when entering a competition
  • Where programming can be applied
  • How she finds time to program.. Do not miss it!
  • How she influenced a friend to learn coding
  • The pranks she and her friend play during online classes
  • What she would love to be known for : making a robot that passes the turing test
  • Her experience with using big computers
  • How she gets into a calm state of mind – to write programs or even in other situations
  • How to get a 5 year old to start coding
  • If there is a difference between boys and girls on how they learn coding
  • On programming as a class subject and as a hobby
  • Her message for older women in IT

Anjali Jayaraman is in Grade 7 and lives in Chennai. She loves horse riding and puppies. She is good at debating. Besides coding, her favourite activity is to create worlds in Minecraft and play video games.

Her project ‘Toothzy’ was chosen for ‘Best Design/UI’ in the 2021 California AI + Healthcare Summit Ideathon competition. 

Link to the project: 


She got a $700 scholarship for ‘Introduction to Quantum Computing for High school Students’

Her idol is Warren Buffet and she wants to be either an entrepreneur or an Investor in technology business when she grows up.

Her other projects: Teaching AI to Shakespeare: To AI or not to AI

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