May 12, 2023

Success through shared goals with Venu Subramania Iyer

pm power consultation
pm power consultation
Success through shared goals with Venu Subramania Iyer
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Show Notes

In this episode, Shiv continues his conversation with a colleague in PM Power, Venu Subrmania Iyer.

In the previous episode, he asked Venu if testing should always be independent or it can be embedded in the development process itself

He shared his answer to that question and more

  • From earlier models of independent testing centers, testing is being shifted left [particularly in Agile approaches], but there is a need for both approaches
  • How he got exposed to Agile approaches, by starting with organizational transformational initiatives
  • How management support and culture are critical for any transformation project
  • What he considers as critical for success in agile transformation projects
  • How his perception and appreciation for Agile approaches changed from the days of being a tester to getting into a transformation initiative
  • On applying Agile based on the context and determining the best options
  • The importance of having shared or collaborative goals for team success
  • His thoughts on what skills are needed to be an effective tester
  • His tips for persons considering a career in testing

Venu has been in the embedded technology space for 24 years, working on cutting-edge R&D in the areas of Consumer Electronics, Display Systems, Semiconductor & Automotive domains. Starting his career as a Hardware Engineer in Philips,later switched to Software Testing due to his passion for finding software defects. He was 1st independent software testing engineer in Bosch Car Multimedia, Bangalore and later played several leadership roles in testing, Project Management and Quality assurance.

Prior to joining PM Power consulting, I was Director, Delivery and test in Harman for Automotive Digital cockpit and Telematics software solutions. I have played leadership role for delivery management, software testing and supplier delivery management.

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