June 3, 2022

Using data for Organizational excellence with Satyendra Kumar -Part2

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pm power consultation
Using data for Organizational excellence with Satyendra Kumar -Part2
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Show Notes

In this second  part of the conversation with an IT industry veteran, Satyendra Kumar, he shares

  • His perspective on Agile approaches
  • Agile approaches are good for certain contexts such as: products, supported by DevOps and other techniques
  • May still be reluctant for systems such as critical, real-time systems [nuclear, aircraft etc]
  • For services work, need to be careful; unless there is a strong risk management approach, it may be risky to use Agile approaches
  • Examples from his experiences in helping large organizations
  • His approach to understanding an organization to enable change, by starting with a business problem
  • His tips to address data quality and quantity, by looking at the metrics system and identifying the right lead indicators
  • The need for the quality function to learn and evolve
  • A sneak peek into his upcoming book on building excellence in organizations
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