June 12, 2022

Writing for developers with Karl Hughes

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pm power consultation
Writing for developers with Karl Hughes
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Show Notes

In this episode, Karl Hughes, founder and CEO of Draft.dev, shares

  • Starting his career, working with startups as a software engineer
  • Taking on engineering management and CTO roles
  • Covid triggering a shift to get into technical writing for developers
  • How to think of documentation for developers, as an intentional activity
  • His views on Agile approaches and documentation and the need to right size the documentation
  • How the product maturity influences the need and depth of documentation
  • Why writing is the most effective way to document and communicate
  • His thoughts on effectiveness of visual communication
  • Writing for a diverse audience and the role of video for communicating with developers
  • Importance of reviews and feedback for greater effectiveness of written content
  • How he got interested in writing 
  • If writing is a teachable or learnable skill
  • How he balances and manages his time between the maker and manager modes of working
  • His experience with Shark Tank, when his company was invited to pitch at Shark Tank
  • Working with a global, distributed team of software engineers
  • Whether audio has a role to play as a medium for communicating with developers
  • His career tips for getting into writing

Bio: Karl Hughes is a former software engineer and CTO in Chicago. He is now the Founder and CEO of Draft.dev, a specialized technical marketing agency that creates content designed to reach software engineers.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KarlLHughes

Draft.dev writer application: https://draft.dev/write

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