CHOW #241 Will tasking reduce knowledge silos?

Do you think tasking would help reduce the creation of knowledge silos?

Would it help developers rotate stories/tasks easily?

Suggested Solution:

Tasking done effectively, would help share the knowledge within the team. I’ve worked with teams that tasked their stories during sprint planning. Even though the sprint planning meeting took 2-3 hours for a 5-6 member team, it was very useful in knowledge sharing:

  • Every team member contributes to every story’s approach.
  • Design decisions are discussed.
  • Tasks include automation and testing. That irons out the testing approach for every story.
  • Dependencies are discussed in detail.
  • Risks and alternate approaches are arrived at.

During the sprint, the familiarity increases the confidence and hence team members are comfortable picking any task. Story swarming becomes very effective. 

Also, if the teams practice pair programing, frequent pair rotation is easier. 

What do you think?

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