CHOW #270 – Shorter Term Productivity

What was your agile transformation experience of reasonably large-sized teams (50+ people)? To be specific, what are your observations of the team’s productivity in shorter-term, say 3 to 4 months?

Suggested Solution:

For any software development team, transitioning into agile brings in surprises, sometimes pleasant and at times not so.

The teams usually focus on the softer aspects like mindset, behavior, communication, mutual trust, transparency, and so on. And this is the time-tested success recipe.

Having said that, the productivity parameters are important too. Especially for the client-facing teams, for teams having critical deliverable timelines, the challenges are manifold. They have to embrace change without missing the commitments.

In my experience, and from what I hear in my colleagues’ circle, there would be an initial dip in the productivity parameters before they climb up. Oftentimes, the graph might look like a hockey stick. So, we factor in that dip in our transition plans. This happens irrespective of the team size. More so with larger-sized teams.

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