CHOW# 225 – Leave your baggage behind

Samson worked for five years and proved to be a good developer and a tech lead before being chosen to lead a project, with a lot of technical unknowns and challenges. Samson was very excited to lead the project and rolled his sleeves up and executed the specification sign off with the client very well. After Samson detailed out the project plan and resource requirements, a team was assigned to the project. Going through the individual backgrounds of people assigned, Samson realized couple of challenges. 30% of the team was new to the technology and platform to be used in the project. He also came to know that one of the key resource, Harrison, with the appropriate technical background has had a troubled history. Harrison was involved in a big clash with one oh his peers and was relieved from the previous project with a severe warning. Harrison’s lack of motivation, as a result of the happenings in the previous project were obvious. The role assigned to Harrison by Samson was crucial to the success of the project and Samson was at crossroads. The best alternate resource was available only 4 weeks into the project. If you were Samson, what would be your way forward.

Suggested solution:

Samson had a one-on-one with Harrison as soon as he got to know the background. Harrison explained his side and how he was treated unfairly. He explained why he feels completely demotivated and doesn’t see himself continuing in the company for long.

Samson was happy to have Harrison open up and share his side of the story and could empathize with Harrison. After a good connect was established, Samson told Harrison that he was convinced that the wrong perception by the management about Harrison can be changed. Samson outlined the steps that he would take and his expectations from Harrison to make it happen. The open discussion gave Harrison hope that things would change and was willing to do his bit. Samson also got the team to rally around and help Harrison develop the right perspective. In the end, Harrison turned out to be a star performer and a key contributor to the success of the project.

What do you think?

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  1. I think the key is that Samson as well as the entire team gave Harrison the sense of hope that things can be turned around. It is a great example of faith in people in practice…

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